Rainer's Software Corner

last update 25.12.2000


AviRead.zip (v1.13, 22/12/00)
MatLab script (m-file) to read images from RIFF (AVI)-files.
Supports 8, 16,24,32 bit per pixel color depth.
(for use with MatLab 5.x)

Avi2Movie.zip (v1.10, 22/12/00)
Similar tool like AviRead but stores selected Frames as
MatLab Movie-Dataset.
(for use with MatLab 5.3)

AviMTools (v1.10, 22/12/00)
AviRead, Avi2Movie and some tools from
C't Magazine to analyze RIFF-Files




also listed on Mathworks FTP-server


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